Renaming htaccess file

Problem: Renaming an htaccess file on a Windows Operating System.

If you have ever tried to rename the htaccess.txt file running on XAMPP on a Windows based computer, Windows won't let you do it by simply using the "Rename" function. And, without a renamed htaccess file, the production site can't create user friendly URL's.

XAMPP is used to create "desktop" server production environments.

Solution: Find the htaccess.txt file in the XAMPP directory where the Joomla! CMS has been downloaded. Typically this will be in the htdocs directory. ( X:\xampp\htdocs, where X: is the drive running XAMPP.)

Open the htaccess.txt file in Notepad, which is Windows on-board text editor (or Notepad ++, which is the text editor that I use) and then "Save a Copy as..."  to the same location as the original htaccess.txt file using the name ".htaccess" (that's dot htaccess). Make sure the "Save as type:" selection is "All types (".")".

That should do it.

This solution has only been tested in Windows XP, but it is my understanding that it works for other Windows OS.